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Types of Bedside Tables

A bedside table plays a vital role in any bedroom. Having a bedside table in your bedroom offers an aesthetic benefit and a host of functional benefits. However, when you think of a bedside table, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic bedside table. Well, things have changed, and there is an endless variety of bedside tables to choose from at my-furniture. That said, here are some common types of bedside tables.

Open-Shelving Table

The open-shelving bedside table, as the name suggests, is not enclosed. This makes it a simple yet practical option for anyone who needs a place to keep their books, magazines, candles, and other personal effects. Besides being a place to store your books, it is also a great organizer.

Classic Wooden Bedside Table

The good thing about bedside tables is the convenience they offer. Traditional bedside tables are a perfect fit for their functional benefits and the simplicity of their design. The simplicity offered by wooden bedside tables makes them blend easily into a modern or classic bedroom.classic bedside table

Double Duty Bedside Table

Double duty bedside tables double up as both a storage unit for books and magazines and a study table. While most people might prefer having it as a side a table, you can always pull it nearby when you need to work on your laptop or have some snacks.

Glass Bedside Table

Glass bedside tables are ideal for those who prefer style over practicality. While glass tables might be a risky choice, their elegance and timeliness remain unmatched. However, keeping glass tables in pristine condition calls for some work. Unlike its wooden counterpart, glass tables go well with virtually all types of decor.

Floating Bedside Table

Floating bedsides tales cater to modern demands. These units come in handy when you need to free up space. Just as their name suggests, this table does not have a base to support the top. Instead, floating tables are mounted on the walls, and are practical when you need to free up some floor space.

Just like our homes, each bedside table design is unique and special in their way. In light of this fact, it is advisable to choose a table that speaks to your personality and meets your functional needs.