Three Staging Tips to Help You Get the Best Deal

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Staging is one of the most critical steps during a house sale. It aims at presenting the house to be as attractive as possible to the guests so that they will buy it. And you actually have two options: let your agent do everything or take matters into your hands. Either way, you must know what needs to be done in this phase.

Declutter First

Real estate agents will be the first to tell you this about your home, and home stagers echo the sentiment. By taking out those personal touches, potential buyers won’t wonder about who lives in the house, and will instead picture themselves there.

Michelle Minch, owner of Moving Mountains Design in Pasadena, California, says homeowners should remove “any photographs or artwork that has a face with eyes,” because buyers often focus on the people in the image more than the features of the home.

“You don’t want somebody to come and look at your house, and look at a picture of you, and say, ‘My family isn’t like that,’ or, ‘I don’t look like this,’ or, ‘They’re different than me, so this house isn’t for me,'” Minch says. “We want them looking at the house, not being distracted by the people who live in the house.”

Make a Clear Observation Path

Realtors are all about home staging which is essential but too often we find that the character and personal touches have been completely removed and replaced with generic-boring-safe pieces of furniture found at box stores that thousands of us shop at regularly. The wow factor is gone. Bring your room down to the bare basics, a clean canvas, and then install one mesmerizing item that people will remember. Light fixtures are great for this, as is a stunning piece of furniture.

De-Personalize Your House

When you want to sell your home, you need to pretend that is no longer yours. Otherwise, people will see too much-personalized decor style in there, and they might have some opinions about it. When your guests make opinions, it means that they are having a second thought on whether or not to sign the sale’s deal.

Therefore, you need to make your home as neutral as possible. But you still need to maintain comforts and orderliness in your staging.

Author: Talon Weeks

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